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The South African Bonsai Association's structure consists of a board of directors; president, vice president, officers, and executive secretary. We do not have a headquarters or an office. The Board of Directors (up to 7 in number) oversees the strategic direction and goals for the organisation. The President is responsible for implementing the board’s directions as well as overseeing the operations of officers and the executive secretary.


Our Officers are responsible for keeping the organisation moving forward. Their duties include representing, promoting and uniting all Bonsai and associated arts, clubs and associations to the benefit of Bonsai in South Africa.  A key strategy is creating a single platform for representation, promotions and unification of all Bonsai clubs, as well as to create a world class standard for judging and judging formats.  To develop, train and nurture clubs, artists and Bonsai in South Africa into a world leading organisation by gaining world recognition for South African styles, artists and trees.

Every 2 years, at the SABA AGM, a new EXCO is voted by the members.  The Exo is responsible for carrying out the objectives and strategies of SABA

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