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Phil Levitt

Phil first got involved with Bonsai going on a picnic at Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens in 2009,  where Oyama Bonsai Club was hosting a bonsai show.  Phil was quickly addicted and totally immersed himself in the art form.  


Phil's real bonsai passions are Olives and Shohin and Mame. Although he has many large trees, he loves the challenge of growing the smaller trees.

Phil has taken an actively role in bonsai over the years.

2011 - to date, Phil has been on the Organising Committee, (as well as Project Managed in 2017), for the Cape Town Bonsai Festival.  This festival is a week long event, in partnership with the City of Cape Town.

2013-2015 - He project managed the African Bonsai Convention (ABC4) in Stellenbosch.  The convention, although very stressful at times was a world class event and profitable.


2009 - to date

Oyama Bonsai Kai                                                                                     

Active member of the club with a range of responsibilities.

  • Chairperson (2011 to 2013 and 2017 to 2018)

  • Exco Organising committee member for various shows and events.

  • Currently Club President


2009 - to date

Cape Bonsai Kai        
Active member of the club.


2017 - to date
Cape Regional Bonsai Exhibition (CRAB )     
Member of the organisation that was formalised in 2017. Exco member from 2017.


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