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"Meet the Rising Star Headed to ABC6: A Closer Look at Our Newest Artist"

Jennifer Price, a Chicago-based bonsai artist, has undergone apprenticeships with multiple renowned bonsai artists. She was the first female artist invited to Generation Bonsai in Germany, and she represented the U.S. at Zhongguo Feng Penjing Exhibit in China.

During her early training, Jennifer learned from longtime friend Jim Doyle and then went on to work with artists such as Mauro Stemberger, Chase Rosade, Will Baddeley, and Ryan Neil.

Pic from Walter Pall's Facebook

Jennifer discovered bonsai after retiring from her career as a professional ballerina. She is fascinated by the line and form within bonsai and the ability to utilize a tree’s natural flow of movement.

In 2015, Jennifer became Walter Pall’s apprentice and continues to work extensively with him, often traveling with him to assist and teach. She has taught throughout the United States and worldwide, representing America twice in Shanghai, China. Jennifer regularly travels to Munich, Germany, as well as Croatia. She has attended numerous symposiums and workshops and has been one of the guest artists representing the United States in Australia.

When not working on bonsai, Jennifer can be found working in her garden or walking her beloved border collie, Samantha.

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