February Photo Competition - Class Indigenous Bonsai

March 6, 2017

I bought this tree from Attie Louw in 2015. It was planted in a very large
cement pot but I left it so that I could work on the branch structure.


I immediately removed 3 large branches from the tree when I got it as to open
the trunk. I also removed some very large branches in the canopy to get the
taper correct again. I was left with the canopy and the large branch to the
right of the tree. This I left as it looked natural...

I slowly worked on the fine branching and pulling down the larger branches
to open up the canopy more and more. I did this twice allowing time in
between for the tree to rest. 


I decided to take a picture of the tree and the first branch became a very
big problem. I replanted the tree in 2016 into the new container which was
the biggest I had at the time that worked. I decided to remove the branch
after some advice from Duncan Wiles. It was a big change and the taper and
movement of the tree jumped out at the viewer now. 



The future of the tree is to get it into a larger pot in the new season. I
am designing a tapered side slate type pot with a natural finish and
charcoal tone to it. I will be making the pot over the winter period ready
for the new season... I cant wait to get started.

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