Golden Concave Pin

Bonsai Focus magazine recently held its first Golden Concave Awards competition.  After receiving a huge number of photos, the judges narrowed it down to 14 and then the voting was left to the public.Tobie Kleynhans narrowly missed winning a trip to the World Bonsai Convention in Japan later this month. The winner will be awarded the first ever Golden Concave Award at the World Bonsai Convention and all the other 14 entrants will receive a pin.


 Tobie entered his Wisteria floribunda (Japanese wisteria) that he bought in a nursery in 2002, although the tree was in a sorry state.  The tree was flowering at the time and Tobie was convinced by the impressive purple flowers and interesting nebari.  As it was the only Wisteria available he took it and planted it at an angle as a semi-cascade in a small garden centre pot.  


 Photograph 1 depicts the tree after in the first styling in late autumn 2003.  The tree was pruned, wired and planted at a new new angle in a big training pot.

Photographs 2 was taken in the Summer of 2005, 3 in Spring 2007, 4 in Spring 2008, 5 in Summer 2009 and photograph 6 was taken in Spring of 2010.


Photographs no 7 was taken in the Spring of 2012.

 In late Autumn 2013, Tobie defoliated the tree and took a picture with the pods left on the tree. After taking the photograph he removed the pods as they drain a lot of energy from the tree.  Picture no 9 was taken in the Spring of 2015.  We all take pride in your work, Tobie and congratulate you on this big honour.


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