May Photo Competition - Class Indigenous

June 20, 2017

This Lonicera nitida (bush honeysuckle) was purchased in a 4 litre black bag from a nursery in 2009 so it is 8 years in training and not 6 as stated in the Facebook post; sorry for the error. It was one of my first bonsai projects shortly after becoming addicted. Half the roots were out of the bag and I designed it as a “raft over rock”.

(October 2009) 


In spring 2011 it was planted onto a shallow pot and the basic shape started to develop.    


 (April 2012)



It didn’t really sit on the rock very well and so in spring 2014 I replanted it onto a natural stone that I carved out as a raft without the rocks. I also separated the small tree on the right that I developed as a mame. It is 6cm tall. 


                                                      (May 2015 - Photograph Carl Morrow)



Sadly the stone broke last year and the tree was transplanted onto its current tray. I actually preferred it on the natural stone.