July SABA Newsletter

July 18, 2017

17 July 2017
Dear SABA-members,
Welcome to our newest club, Sunshine Coast Bonsai, who signed up with SABA with 28 members. The Eastern Cape is getting stronger and stronger.
A big thank you to the clubs who paid their membership fees on time. It is so much better than in the past when clubs waited months to pay. This helps us to organise the financials and get the auditing done before the AGM.
To those who have not paid the fee of R40 per member yet the detail is as follows:
ACCOUNT NAME : South African Bonsai Association ( SABA )
ACCOUNT NO : 62444063078
BRANCH : Pavillion Durban
BRANCH CODE : 224326

Consultants WBFF
The two nominations received from Gauteng and the Western Cape were both appointed to the position. These are Org Exley, chairman of BRAT, and Willem Pretorius.
We are looking forward to their input in making the WBFF grow and to help Jonathan Caine to develop more bonsai friendships in our region.
SABA calendars
After the success of last year’s calendars it was decided to repeat the exercise in the hope that this can become a yearly institution. We did not make a lot of money with the project and just about broke even.
Therefore we will be looking at ways to improve this and maybe get some advertisers on board. As it was very cheap we will increase the price but hope to keep it realistic.
Everyone who want to contribute something to the monthly schedule of what to do, please send your input to Earl Jeffreys at earl@katrivierkai.co.za
Lifelong achievement awards
We’ve received some nominations for the Lifelong Achievement Awards. Clubs need to understand that these awards are for people who have really contributed a lot to bonsai over a number of years.
There are excellent practitioners of the art in the country. The nominee must be someone who not only contributed a lot at a club or region but nationally helped to improve our bonsai and helped built the tradition. Sometimes the motivation leaves much to desired and can lead to a worthy candidate losing out. Please motivate the nomination with a proper CV and with specific dates and awards. Nominations to be send to willempret@mnet.co.za
SABA convention in PE
Things are going swimmingly with the arrangements for the convention that takes place from 16 to 19 November in Port Elizabeth. The team has really put in the hard yards to ensure that everything runs smoothly and we want to thank them. For you who have not registered yet, wake up! People who need accommodation can also contact Robbie de Witt as there are members of the club who would not mind putting people up for the weekend.
Most clubs would have done their competitions for the New Talent. Now the regionals should take place so that it can be decided who goes through to the national competition at the convention. This year the interest is immense and it looks as if we can look forward to some exciting talent coming through.
It is also time to start planning and approaching people to stand for the executive committee as the current one is stepping down. Please give this some thought on this at regional meetings so we find enthusiastic people who can take our organisation forward in the future.
There is not much to report on the financials until all clubs have paid subs. But things are looking healthy and will help the next Exco to get off on a solid footing.
Communication has also improved and more and more people are visiting the website. For the latest blog Who will Judge the Judges go there and let us know your thoughts.
Until the next time – Keep on growing!
Willem Pretorius.


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