Border Bonsai Society Show

August 18, 2017

This past weekend, from the 11th -13th August was the annual garden festival at Pioneer nursery featuring a different facets of gardening in general.  Border Bonsai Society was invited to do a show for the public.


 Alas due to the time of the year we managed  to pull in some good looking trees for the mini- show headed up by show master Phil Wynne and his team.  We were expecting much needed rain but that seem to disappear for some unknown reason, however, the public seem to turn out in masses to come view the bonsai on display.




With the 'wow' factor taking some effect, public members showed interest and most trees on sale were  snapped up with tools and pots.


All in all besides, the other facets of gardening, we recorded approximately four hundred visitors over the weekend and we're extreme satisfied with the success  of the show.


Herewith some photos on the first day.