January 2018 Newsletter

January 3, 2018

Phew, that was a short holiday! I hope you had a great break and are ready for some serious bonsai action this year.  Our thoughts are with our Cape clubs who are still in a serious drought.  On that subject, I had a grey water tank installed about 2 years ago and now only use this water for my trees.  I have not really noticed any major difference, except I have less ants than before.  What are YOU doing to save water? Let us know on Facebook.


The December Photographic competition is now open. Please vote for your favourite tree.  Go to the SABA Photographic Competitions page, this is totally anonymous for all participants.  Let's have some fun. The competition will run for a week and the public's vote will count, this time.  There are three entries for the Indigenous section.  All you have to do, is rank the trees in order of preference.  There was only 1 Exotic entry and here, you have to score the tree out of 5. 1 being poor and 5 very good.  As we are still in an experimental phase with the voting and polling, please bear with us. If you come across glitches, please let me know.


The rules for the photographic competitions are available on the website as well as the Facebook page.  Please use the correct entry forms for your submission.  Your photographs must be emailed seperately to either info@saba.org.za  or to carollh@telkomsa.net


This is also a good time now to get your own trees photographed.  I suggest that clubs hold a photographic day.  There are so many amateur photographers that would love to come and assist OR, your club can do it themselves.  Have a look at the previous blog on how to take photographs with your cellphone.  There is really no more excuse today. Please, please, please enter your photographs.  You can only win it, if you are in it!


Our logo competition has not attracted many entrants, but I am hoping that is because of the December holidays. So, please put your heads together and come up with a nice funky logo for SABA.


Please consider writing an article for the blog.  We need fresh and interesting ideas as well as educating people about bonsai here at SABA.


The website also has a very cool function.  If you go to the Events, you will see a calendar.  I have entered all the clubs events that was sent to me.  So why don't you put your club on the map, by sending me your programme (only available to SABA affiliated clubs).  People can follow or join up with the calendar and they will get reminders of these events.  It helps with planning when you travel.  I plan to visit all the SABA clubs at least once in the next 2 years.  Hope to see you soon!


Another addition to the website, is an Archive.  Due to an incredible amount of requests for old SABA newsletters, I am busy collating it all on this page.  Only after I started, did I realise the mass of information in these letters.  It is a work in progress, so keep on checking.


What do bonsai people do when they are on holiday? They check out poten-sai, of course!  First, when you spot a root out of place, you follow it up and over a rock all the way to the other side. But, I was good, I was in a nature reserve. I did go home wishing I had low morals, though. Haha.















Please do not forget to send us a list with the names of all affiliated club members. That will assist us in running a better organisation on your behalf. Let's promote bonsai in South Africa for all our memb