Lava-Grow Dust

January 23, 2018

“In layman's terms, using Volcanic Rock Dust is like advancing nature Billions of years and putting the leached out minerals and trace elements that have been lost back into the soil here today, it is so simple, natural and readily available.”



Applications;- Seedlings/ new planting areas…sprinkle like icing sugar over the exposed area…mix or rake lightly…plant your seedlings or seeds.


Pot plants indoor / outdoor or bonsais or existing flower beds the same as above and water afterwards.

For quicker results mix with fresh or active compost, 1 cup to a wheel barrow…500 grams to 1 cube of mix. Worm farms compost heaps, a light sprinkling on every 5cm of worm casts and mix in…the worms or natural microorganisms will process the material and release the minerals…when added to your potting soil it will be ready to be absorb by the plants.    


Adult trees…Citrus, olive, fruit, nut trees on average 500gm sprinkled around the drip line and forked in and watered…forestry seedlings as per above (seedlings).


Farming… general…100 grams per square meter (1ton per hectare) once every 18 months…60% + greater yields. Cattle, pigs, chickens, ostriches, horses, cats, dogs, pigeons, parrots…add 2% of the bulk food daily…reduces food intake, improves milk production and health.



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