Trees for ABC5

February 11, 2019

Good morning to all our bonsai friends. 


We have started the process of selecting trees for ABC 5 that will be used in the exhibition hall. 


Please can you send me pictures of your trees that you would like to be considered to be exhibited at ABC5 to the email address listed below. 


A maximum of 10 trees per individual will be allowed so please choose wisely when deciding on what you would like to present.

Currently we are not to worried about picture quality but please make a concerted effort with the overall look of your submission .We require clean pots. tables, and the trees should be pruned and completely groomed as if it is on a show. 


Any size and species will be allowed to be entered as long as it won't break a standard table.


To ensure we get the best possible trees, 

please send this message to all the clubs all over SA.


A panel of judges has been assembled and they will decide whether your tree will be chosen to be exhibited at ABC5. 

Please take note that only paid up SABA members trees will be accepted  


We do reserve the right to reject your tree on the day of the show if it is not up to the standard required for the exhibition. 


Entries will close on the 1st of August 2019 after which no more entries will be accepted under any circumstances. 


Please send your photos with your name, species of tree, the size of the tree (height, width and depth) and estimate age of the tree. 


Thank you very much for your time in this regard and we look forward to seeing the best of what South Africa has to offer


Yours in the Spirit of Africa


Hannes Fritz

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