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Terence O'Flaherty


Terence grew up on a farm in the old Eastern Transvaal, somewhere between Nelspruit and Waterval Boven, so Jock of the Bushveld and the ZASM tunnel mean something to him . Schooled in White River and Nelspruit, he completed a Civil Eng degree at Wits and now work in Kwazulu Natal, often is tasked with clearing vast areas of vegetation for developments.

Terence has always had an interest in growing plants, and "dabbled" with bonsai after buying Doug Hall's Book, "Bonsai in South Africa".   Terence has been an active club member since 2009 at Kengai and has held both Treasurer and Chair positions with the club.  He has enthusiastically participated in hosting and organising bonsai shows for the club.

Terence credits bonsai for creating an opportunity for him to "escape" and retreat into a quieter world, particularly from the demanding environment which is his job. 


He most enjoys the forest/group/landscapes but still have a number of single trees. Having been given one 2 inch B-Davii cutting while in Namibia, which he nurtured, made a number of cuttings, planted as saikeis and a forest, this has now become his most favoured this species. His preference is to have trees which mimic trees in SA rather than the traditional Japanese styles. He prefers to develop the tree himself (with some help now and again) rather than buy one. He is adventurous enough to try a bit of everything and aims to have 5-10 of each species to keep him out of the house, particularly when he retires..

Terence has previously served on The SABA exco as treasurer from 2016- 19 (4yrs)

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