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Image by Micha Frank

Vendors for ABC6

We are excited to confirm that the African Bonsai Convention (ABC6) is confirmed for 8-10 November 2024.

The convention will be held at the Stellenbosch Town Hall.  The Town Hall is in the center of Stellenbosch and is an attraction to visitors and locals alike.

We are seeking vendors for a 3-day conference attended by local and international bonsai enthusiasts. The event will feature 2 international headliners and 5 popular South African bonsai artists.

The Vendor profile to complement this Convention is;

  • Bonsai Retailers  (trees)

  • Bonsai Tools

  • Bonsai Accessories

  • Bonsai Pots

We have 2 site options

  1.  Foyer.  8 Sites Available

The foyer is the entrance to the Convention and is a high-traffic area for delegates attending the convention.

  1. Outside

The area around the Town Hall is a scenic garden, visible from the road, and a pause area for delegates and public visitors.


Cost  (inclusive of 3x3m space • 2 trestle tables  • 2 chairs)

  1. Foyer sites are R4000 for the 3 days

  2. Outside sites are R2500 for the 3 days

Should you require a gazebo, outside sites, they  can be hired at



Tent Hire Cape Town

If you would like to take part in the prestigeous Convention, please email Dawn at, together with the completed application form.

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