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Viky Petermann


Over the past 30 years Viky has not been only keenly involved in growing bonsai but she has also been an active participant in the bonsai scene.

Viky was introduced to bonsai by receiving a birthday gift of a fig tree on a rock in 1986.  That same year in December, while visiting Kirstenbosch gardens she stumbled into a Cape Bonsai Kai show and immediately joined the club.  Three months later, again during a visit to Kirstenbosch she walked into Oyama's Easter show and joined this club as well.  Her first teachers were Bernard Coetzee, Kenneth Doble and Len Redfern (from Oyama Bonsai Kai), and since these early days she has actively worked with many fellow Cape growers, mostly notably Gail Theron, Rudi Adams and Carl Morrow

She has travelled to Europe, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand and Australia to see bonsai and from very early in her bonsai career she has felt an affinity for the design freedom of Chinese Penjing.  She enjoys writing about bonsai and has had many articles published in local bonsai magazines.  Her drawings have often illustrated local bonsai publications, most notably Rudi Adams book " Master Bonsai -  A Practical and Inspirational Guide".  She is also a talented potter whose containers created specifically to visually complement our uniquely South African trees are highly prized among local growers all over the country.

Her bonsai are interesting, challenging and possibly unconventional and she prefers working on small size trees from a technical and horticultural point of view.  She has achieved a "best in show" and had many other category winners at the Cape Bonsai Kai's annual show through the years.  She and her trees are featured in the book "The best of South African Bonsai and a little history" by Willem Pretorius, and many of her trees won prestigious awards at the 4th African Bonsai Convention in 2015, where she was invited to participate as a panelist alongside Ryan and Chelsea Neil, Tony Tickle and Carl Morrow.

Over the many years she has been passionately engaged in bonsai, Viky has lectured at numerous clubs as well as  regional and national symposia.  She has a fine art background and has always had an outward view of bonsai.  She has shared her knowledge of design with the bonsai community over the hears and has been instrumental in developing and inspiring many young bonsai enthusiasts.

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