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Our Constitution

The South African Bonsai Association is a Non Profit Company, registration number 2022/271010/08, duly registered in the Republic of South Africa.


The South African Bonsai Association was formed in 1975, and was primarily responsible for organising national events and thereby creating a strong South African bonsai fraternity.  

Over the last 4 decades, SABA has grown and is dedicated to promoting co-operation between South African Bonsai and associated arts and International Bonsai.  The main focus is organising a single source of information, advice, supplies and material and improving the art, skills and image of Bonsai. Today, through club membership, bonsai enthusiasts join a strong association of people dedicated to promoting an interest in the art of bonsai, through its events, conferences, symposia and other educational activities.  SABA supports the development of bonsai styling and production techniques that reflect the diverse environment and cultures of South Africa and encourages the use of plant species indigenous or best suited for bonsai in South Africa. Membership application is provided on this website. 

They serve as the official accredited representative of members in matters national and international concerns and to nominate a person or persons to act as representative(s) of the Association. They promote and provide information on Bonsai through activities such as symposia, conventions, demonstrations, workshops, newsletters, magazines, websites and other meetings. See to it that the National Convention is hosted by an affiliated member club under the auspices of SABA. They are responsible for the definition, maintenance and implementation of Bonsai policy for South Africa. They honour the autonomy, undisturbed identity and authority of all member clubs. They maintain SABA’s image locally and internationally

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