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1. Interpretation

Any reference to "we", "us" or "our" in this privacy policy is a reference to The South African Bonsai Association.  References to rights and/or obligations under the Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013 ("POPI Act") must be interpreted to mean that such rights and/or obligations are enforceable only in accordance with the provisions of the POPI Act. For the avoidance of doubt, references to the POPI Act does not create rights nor obligations in contract or otherwise.

2.  Data protection statement

Data protection is important for us, and we take it very seriously. We are committed to trust-based cooperation with you and strive to ensure your satisfaction in every respect. This is, of course, equally true of the way we handle your personal data. The aim of this privacy policy is to inform you of how your personal data is processed. Therefore, please read and take note of the following information. Our privacy policy supplements and forms part of the terms of use of The South African Bonsai Association’s website.

The operator of the website and entity responsible for data protection is:

The South African Bonsai Association

(Registered address)


Amendments to this privacy statement may become necessary in the course of further development of our website and the implementation of new legal requirements or new technologies, or in order to improve our service for you. We therefore recommend that you re-read this privacy statement every now and again.

3. General information on processing personal data

This privacy statement applies to data, including personal data, that may be collected about you by The South African Bonsai Association. Personal data is data or a combination of individual datasets by which you can be identified.
We gather, process, and use your personal data in compliance with the data protection laws of the Republic of South Africa. Under no circumstances shall we pass on your personal data to third parties outside The South African Bonsai Association for advertising or marketing purposes without your consent.
As part of The South African Bonsai Association, we use external service providers. If the data being processed is personal data, appropriate contractual agreements have been made and organizational measures implemented in accordance with the applicable law to ensure the protection of your data.
Within our organisation, compliance with legal requirements and with this privacy statement is monitored by our data protection officers. Our exco have been trained to handle personal data and have been obligated, in writing, to comply with the data protection regulations.

4. Nature and scope of data use

In accordance with the principle of data avoidance and data economy, we will only collect personal data on our website if it is either necessary to fulfil your required purpose and/or if you voluntarily give it to us.
In entering your personal or commercial data (e.g., email address, name, address), you are providing this data on an expressly voluntary basis. By entering such data, you consent to it being collected, processed, or used for the purpose of contacting you, processing contracts or protecting your as well as our legitimate business interests, or for the purpose which you have stated. Data will not be collected, processed, or used for any other purpose. You can revoke this consent at any time in the future.

5. How we use your data

We use the collected data to provide you with your required information and services, to inform you about other South African Bonsai Association, and affiliates interests, information and services and to help maintain our website and services (e.g. newsletters).
Data may be used for the following purposes:

  • For sending samples, offers, products and information

  • For the development of new ideas and services

  • To register you for competitions, programs or offers at your request

  • For the delivery of other information or services that we have offered to you

  • To develop and provide advertising geared to your own personal interests

  • To analyse the use of our services and websites

  • To perform surveys on our websites

  • To find out how you discovered our website

  • To determine the effectiveness of our advertising

6. Your data protection rights as a data subject in terms of the POPI Act

Your rights, as a data subject, in relation to The South African Bonsai Association are as set out in the POPI Act, and include the following:

  • To be informed that personal information about you is being collected,

  • To be informed that your personal information had been accessed or acquired by an unauthorised person/s,

  • To have access to the personal information stored in respect of you,

  • To have incorrectly stored data corrected,

  • To request, where section 24(a) and/or section 24(b) of the POPI Act applies, the deletion/destruction of your personal information.

At your request, we will inform you in writing, and in accordance with the applicable law, whether we have stored any of your personal data and, if so, which specific data.

7. Protection of minors

As a rule, children, and persons under the age of 18 should not transmit personal data to us without the permission of a/the parent/s or legal guardian/s. We do not request personal data from children, and we affirm that we do not knowingly collect personal data from children, to use this data in any way or to disclose data to third parties.

8. Transmission of data over the internet

The internet is an open, global platform. Due to the way in which the internet operates and the system-related risks, all transmission of data carried out by you is at your own risk. Other policies may apply if we offer you an encrypted transmission route.

9. Security measures

We have taken substantial precautions to ensure the security of your data. The personal data you have entered on HTML pages (contact forms) and that is stored by us, shall be transmitted to The South African Bonsai Association in encrypted form (SSL - Secure Socket Layer) via the public data network, and stored and processed at The South African Bonsai Association.

10. Newsletter

If you register to receive a newsletter, your name and email address will be stored by us. Your address (physical or electronic) will also be required if the newsletter is to be sent by post or email. Your data shall only be processed for the purpose of the newsletter you require; Your data shall not be used for any other purpose. Neither shall your data be passed on to third parties by us. By sending a registration email with a confirmation link, our registration system also ensures that you do actually wish to receive the chosen newsletter (double opt-in procedure).
You may withdraw your consent to the storage of your data and to receiving the newsletter at any time. To do this, you can use the link provided in the emails sent to you or you can unsubscribe directly via our website.

11. Links

This privacy policy applies to all data collected and processed by The South African Bonsai Association. In a few cases, links will send you from The South African Bonsai Association website directly to the website of another provider, the content of which shall then be under the responsibility of the respective provider. External links are marked accordingly with an upward pointing arrow. We accept no responsibility for the actions of external websites. When you exit The South African Bonsai Association website, we therefore recommend you familiarise yourself with the data protection policies of all linked websites.

12. Cookies

Cookies are small text files that are stored locally on your system. Here they pose no threat, do not contain viruses and are simply used for the retrieval of information. Cookies allow us to recognise, for example, your preferences, and therefore to adapt the website and its navigation to your needs.
If you refuse to allow the use of cookies (this setting is possible in your browser), you can nevertheless use our website (although functionality may be limited).
13 Social Media Plug-ins

As part of The South African Bonsai Association South Africa's internet presence, third-party content may sometimes be used (plug-ins). This can take the form of Youtube videos, RSS feeds or graphics of other pages, or social media buttons, such as the Facebook and Instagram Share button.
If you are on a South African Bonsai Association website in which third-party content is embedded, a connection with the respective social network may be made. Through this, the content of the buttons may be transmitted to your browser and thus be integrated into the website. This means the respective provider always receives the information that you called up from The South African Bonsai Association website. It is not relevant whether you are a member of a social network or that you are not logged into one. Furthermore, irrespective of whether you actually interact with the embedded content, information is automatically collected by the social network. The following information can be transmitted here: IP address, browser information and operating systems, screen resolution, installed browser plug-ins (e.g. Adobe Flash Player), origin of the visitor (if you followed a link) and the URL of the current page.
If you are logged into a social network while you are using the South African Bonsai Association website, the information relating to the call-up of the website might be linked to your member data and stored. If you are a member of a social network and you do not want this data transmission to take place, you must log out of the social network before visiting the South African Bonsai Association website.
If you use one of the plug-ins (for example by using the comment or Share button), the relevant provider can assign the website call-up directly to your profile. This data is transmitted directly to the social network and stored there. Furthermore, the corresponding information is published in the respective social networks and is made visible to your contacts.
The South African Bonsai Association has no influence on the amount of data collected by the social networks. The nature, scope and purpose of the data collection, information on the further processing of the data, your rights in relation to these and setting options for protecting your privacy are explained in the data protection policies of the respective social network.
You also have the option of blocking social media plug-ins through add-ons in your browser and thereby preventing a transmission of data.

16. Access to this privacy policy

You can view and print out this privacy policy, which pertains to the  South African Bonsai Association website, by clicking on the "Privacy Policy" link.

17. Your contact person for data protection matters

Should you have any questions regarding the processing of your personal data, you can contact our data protection officer/s directly. He/She/They are also available to help with information enquiries, requests or complaints:

B. South African Bonsai Association

Address and contact details

At your request, we will inform you in writing, in accordance with the applicable law, whether we have stored any of your personal data and, if so, which specific data.

Valid as at 17/04/2022

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