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SABA encourages membership to bonsai clubs.  Bonsai clubs are great way to meet people who share the same interest in the art.  One of the main benefits of joining a bonsai club is improving your own skill and techniques.  Many clubs will feature demonstrations or workshops by well known artists around the country.  We know  the best way to learn is through collaboration with other members as everybody has a different vision for a bonsai tree.  By joining a club, you have the opportunity to learn from others and share ideas and tips.  Below we have listed clubs by province, check out the nearest one close to you.  If you have any difficulty, please email us on

Club and Vendor listing is registered members of SABA.  Should you wish to register your Club or register as a vendor please go to our membership page and you can complete online.  

SABA does not endorse or approve, nor do we assume any responsibility for any transactions, products or services regarding the vendors listed on this website. 

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