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Carl Morrow


For over 30 years Carl Morrow has been passionately involved in growing bonsai and has been an active participant in the bonsai scene for this time.  Carl was introduced to bonsai by Kenneth Doble (from Óyama Bonsai Kai) in 1987 when he was 15 and since then he has enthusiastically worked with many fellow Cape Town growers. He has been passionately engaged in the art and has lectured at numerous clubs, regional symposia and at National Conventions with a highlight being presenting at Bonsai Europa in 2017, the biggest bonsai event in Britain He has travelled to China, Australia, the United States, Holland, Belgium, Italy and the UK to see bonsai and attend conventions. He enjoys writing about bonsai and has had many articles published in the mainstream media, local bonsai magazines and in international bonsai magazines. He wrote the book “Bonsai Success in Southern Africa” with Keith Kirsten which has been released as a second edition (third printing) and is used as a reference by many South African Bonsai artists. He has consulted on and contributed pictures to 4 other books and has had two of his trees selected as winners in the World Bonsai Contest.  Carl has always had an outward view of bonsai, continually seeing what is happening internationally and referring these observations to the state of bonsai in South Africa. During demonstrations, he feels that it is important that audiences are stimulated to think about their art rather than just sit back and watch somebody work on a tree.

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