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Unlocking a lifetime of Bonsai with Vian Herbst.

For almost 40 years, Vian has been engrossed in growing and developing bonsai in South Africa. The bonsai bug first bit in 1985 when as a first-year student looking for a hobby to clear his mind and relax after long classes and study sessions. A photo of a juniper planted on a rock in a hobby book fascinated him so much that he went out into the garden and dug up a Celtis sinensis to bonsai – he still has that tree today! The Bloemfontein Bonsai Kai was started the following year by Vian and a few others and slowly but surely we learned and developed to where we are today – a relaxed, social club learning from each other and enjoying what is only a hobby to us.

Since then he has been on the Bloemfontein Bonsai Kai’s committee most of the time as well as chairman for many years. He also is a past President of both SABA and ABA

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