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The 2024 convention celebrates over 4 decades of bonsai in South Africa.   As we mark this milestone, we are delighted to have our team of headliners, including Elsa Bourdouri, Jennifer Price, Hannes Fritz, Freddie Bisshoff, Vian Herbst, Scott Bredin and Emile de Bruin.  This will be a very special Bonsai weekend.  Please join us!

If you're unable to attend the Convention for the entire weekend, you could still consider taking a day trip. You can explore the vendors' area, which has over 15 tables of bonsai, tools, soil, and more. Additionally, you can enjoy the Main Exhibit of trees and the Club Exhibit of trees.

What you can expect


Jennifer Price and Elsa Boudouri will host workshops on the second day of the convention.  Both bonsai artists have lead workshops globally, guiding bonsai enthusiasts to designing and maintaining great bonsai.  Workshops are limited to 10 people, book early not to be disappointed.

Local focus

South Africa is blessed with an abundance of indigenous species highly suited to bonsai cultivation,  Indigenous species is extremely popular among local artists.  We have 5 local artists who will presenting.


There is nothing more exhilarating that meeting like minded people who are as passionate as you.  We learn so much from others, expanding your network and make new friends.  A traditional spit braai is the perfect gathering event.  

New Talent

The New Talent competition is an annual event designed to showcase up and coming talent that may become the next teachers of bonsai for the future.  

Image by Milada Vigerova


The African Bonsai Convention will feature a number of diverse collections of vendors. 

In addition to international bonsai artists presentations and workshops, there will be a variety of bonsai on exhibit.  To add to this the foyer and lawn around the Town Hall will have a number of of vendors from South Africa.   Selected  vendors offer visitors an extensive selection of bonsai, pre-bonsai, collected trees, containers, tools, as well as other items to add to your bonsai collection and to enhance your appreciation of the art.

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