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"Uncovering the Art of Bonsai with Emile de Bruin at ABC6"

Emile transitioned from graphic design and fine art to pursue his passion for bonsai, and it has become a primary driver for his career development. He has extensive experience in horticulture and has traveled and worked in bonsai across Asia and Europe, gaining valuable insights and expertise in the field.

In 2015, he founded Plantlife International, a bonsai studio and nursery, with his longtime friend Bonga Vanqa. Since 2024, the company has also established a presence in China.

Their bonsai studio and nursery champions sustainability and environmental consciousness. What began as a modest grafting operation in Ceres has flourished into a thriving bonsai nursery.

Committed to fostering a deeper understanding of the art and science of bonsai, Emile is forever salvaging unwanted trees and shrubs, and conserving indigenous species, transforming them into landscape or bonsai trees.

Emile believes that the practice of bonsai art seamlessly connects with the commitment to conservation, as we nurture the beauty of these trees and honor their natural heritage.

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